Nutrition from Winter to Spring (video)

Nutrition needs for athletes are greatly affected by things like temperature, humidity, altitude, and the length of the workout or race, as well as by the amount of time spent acclimating in a new environment. This becomes relevant for us during the Spring when we might have moderate weather mixed in with some hot spells, or when traveling to races in other parts of the country like Ironman Texas in April, or some of the more humid areas of the East coast.

I recently gave a talk on this subject to LA tri club in Santa Monica, and wanted to share some of the key points from the talk.

Over the next few minutes, you’ll learn

• How to transition your fueling from Winter to Spring
• Why you don’t want the same drink in your bottles in January and July
• How your fueling needs are affected by humidity, and
• How to acclimate in preparation for the heat

1:35 Why do we sweat?
2:36 How much do we sweat?
3:50 Changes in heart rate with body mass loss
4:55 Race day temperatures
6:21 Sweat rate calculator here
7:10 What’s in our sweat
7:44 Coconut water
8:30 Humidity
9:35 Winter vs summer
11:28 Heat acclimation strategies
13:44 key points


  1. This is awesome info. I’m training with triathletes and train in summer hot and cold winter. Interesting info on coconut water. Never thought about that.

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