Factors influencing Endurance training adaptation

I’m excited to share an overview of a new study, looking at factors influencing AMPK activation, which is a signal inside our muscle that plays a key role in endurance training adaptations.

AMPK is a cellular energy sensor that plays a key role in metabolic adaptations to endurance training. The degree of AMPK activation during exercise can be influenced by a number of factors including exercise intensity, exercise duration, muscle glycogen, fitness level, and nutrient availability. I pooled data from 89 different studies to try and figure out which factors have the biggest influence on AMPK, how much it matters if you eat carbs before or during exercise, and what happens when you change multiple variables at the same time!

You can read the full paper here.

I also made an interactive dashboard where you can see what influences AMPK activation.

And I made a short video to highlight some of the key findings…

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