Triathletes – Do you know exactly what you should be eating and drinking before, during, and after every workout and race?

Introducing Complete Nutrition for the Competitive Triathlete, the video course for triathletes who want to SUPERCHARGE their training and PR their next race

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– Over 2.5 hrs of video that walks you through EXACTLY how to create fueling plans for training and racing

– The exact templates I use for determining calorie needs, hydration needs, and creating race fueling plans

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“This course gives you great explanations about why you should fuel a certain way and then specific tools to find your ideal regimen that takes out the guess work.”

Fueling for triathlon is about so much more than just knowing what to eat during the race.

Some of the topics include:

  • Creating an in-depth race-day fueling and hydration plan
  • Learning exactly what to eat before, during, and after exercise
  • Understanding the differences between sports drinks
  • Electrolyte needs, sodium vs. potassium
  • Advanced sweat rate calculations
  • Carbohydrate types and how they are best absorbed
  • Supplements for training and performance
  • Heat acclimation protocols
  • Fueling for optimal training adaptations (which can often be quite different than your race fueling plan)
  • Strategic use of caffeine
  • Low carb vs. high carb for endurance athletes

“Great information explained in a way everyone can easily understand”