Exercise Metabolic Rate (EMR) Test

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The EMR is a test designed to determine your VO2max, which is a measure of overall aerobic fitness, as well as measuring the percentage of calories burned from fat versus carbohydrate at different intensities.


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Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, you want to achieve your personal best without over-training. Understand how your body performs during exercise to train in your optimal heart rate zones for peak performance and weight loss. This information can help you identify areas of your fitness that can be improved by training, and in turn increase your overall power output and running speed. This post shows some of the ways in which training and nutrition recommendations can be taken from the EMR test!

“Thank you for the testing, I found out more about my own fitness and nutrition than I knew there was to know!”






Blood Lactate Testing

What is it?

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The blood lactate test is done to determine your lactate threshold during exercise. During an exercise test, blood lactate samples are taken along with other data points at gradually increasing intensities.

Why would I need it?

As intensity increases, lactate production increases and reaches levels that are reflective of a loss of aerobic efficiency. In general, low levels of lactate are the sign of an efficient aerobic system. High lactate levels at easy workloads are a sign of an underdeveloped aerobic system, while high lactate levels at maximal workloads are a sign of a well-developed anaerobic system. Over time and with correct training, lactate levels at given workloads will decrease, indicating an improvement in aerobic conditioning and allowing training at higher intensities.

Body Composition Testing

Find out your body composition on a medical grade body composition analyzer. This shows your percentage of muscle and fat, as well as where the muscle is distributed (between each arm and leg) and fluid status (total body water and intra and extra cellular water). This information provides a great snapshot in time in order to measure the efficacy of weight loss, muscle changes, etc.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test

What is it?

The RMR is a test to determine how many calories you burn at rest, and what percentage of those calories come from fat versus carbohydrate.

Why would I need it?

Knowing your RMR will help you determine how many calories you can consume based on how many calories you burn at rest combined with how many you burn with exercise to gain, lose, or maintain weight (depending on your goals).

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Additional Pricing
EMR test – $195
RMR test – $145
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Ironman Package (Four nutrition sessions and two EMR tests) – $799
Body composition test – $40