I am always happy to be a podcast guest. Here are some of the recent interviews I’ve done, sorted by topic. At the bottom of the page are some articles I’ve written for other websites.

Intermittent Fasting and Circadian Rhythms

N1 Fitness podcast episode 7 – Fasting 101

Revolutionary You Podcast episode 86 – A primer on Intermittent fasting

Sigma Nutrition episode 154 – Intermittent fasting, time-restricted feeding, and circadian biology

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 122 – Intermittent fasting and circadian rhythms

HumanOS Radio – The health impact of breakfast skipping and food timing

For the Female Athletes

Inspired Fit Strong episode 13 – Intermittent fasting, circadian rhythms, nutrition for female athletes

Eat to Perform Podcast – Nutrition and hydration for female athletes

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 121 – Effects of female hormones on exercise

Endurance Sports Performance

KoopCast – Carbohydrate Periodization for Ultrarunning

Fueling Endurance – What is metabolic flexibility and why should I care?

HumanOS Radio – Dietary supplements and endurance training adaptations

1 More Mile Podcast episode 8 – Nutrition for triathlon and optimizing training adaptations

ESP Podcast episode 46 – Emerging concepts in sports nutrition

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 120 – Carbohydrate periodization for athletes

Sigma Nutrition episode 147 – Carbohydrate periodization for endurance athletes and how the menstrual cycle impacts training

Tennis Nutrition

Tennis Files Podcast episode 14 – Nutrition, supplements, and sleep for tennis players

Adam Blicher Show episode 17 – Nutrition and hydration for tennis players

Parenting Aces – Nutritional needs of junior tennis players

Parenting Aces – Sports supplements for tennis players

720 Podcast – Nutrition for tennis players

For Musicians

Janek Gwizdala Podcast – Nutrition for musicians


Team USA – Forward Thinking: Daily Carbohydrate Periodization for Triathletes

Team USA – I did IRONMAN to be a better dietitian (and here’s what I found out)

Uproxx – How to burn off an In n Out meal

Men’s Fitness – The 50 best and worst fall foods ranked

Shape Magazine – Could vitamin deficiencies be ruining your workout?