Complete Nutrition for the Competitive Tennis Player Video Course!

• Learn why so many tennis players are getting things wrong when it comes to nutrition

• Easy to implement strategies that have been tested and lead to better results

• Why water might be the wrong choice for you on the tennis court

• Optimize your sleep for serving accuracy and tennis performance

• Maintain your energy through 3-set matches – even if you usually crash

• Learn how to not just manage playing in the heat, but use it to your advantage

• Eat strategically when you have multiple matches in one day (and learn what not to eat)

• Find supplements that can maximize performance and recovery, but are safe and legal

• Bounce back from a 3-hour match and win the next day

It’s no secret that nutrition and fueling can have a huge impact on athletic performance. Countless books and articles have been written on sports nutrition, but relatively few consider the unique needs and demands of a sport like tennis. I designed this course for players, parents, and coaches, in order to bridge the gap between the science of sports nutrition, and the practical aspects and challenges that are faced by all levels of junior, collegiate, and professional tennis players trying to play their best.

I also designed this course because I’m constantly amazed by how many players and coaches, at all levels, are making some pretty big mistakes when it comes to fueling, or at the very least leaving a whole lot of money on the table by not eating or drinking the right things before, during, and after a tennis match.

This course offers a practical framework for you to make positive changes in your tennis game and in your overall nutrition. Anyone who has cramped during a match, ran out of gas in the third set, or is not recovering well from day to day, or anyone who works with players that have had these problems, this course is for you.

“Jeff’s course is full of easy to implement information that has allowed my college players to feel and perform their best.” Sandy Kriezel – College tennis coach

“Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and his experience working with some of the best tennis players in the world is shining through in this course.” Adam Blicher – National level tennis coach