performance nutrition

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • “I read blog after blog, and STILL don’t know what the best diet for ME is”
  • “I’ve been working out more, but my weight keeps going up”
  • “I crash every afternoon, and NEED sugar to pick me up”   

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m a sports dietitian with a PhD in exercise physiology, and I help people achieve and exceed their health and fitness goals using a customized nutrition plan that is clear, effective, and tailored to each person.

After 10 years in Los Angeles working as a Sports Dietitian and collegiate coach, I moved to Auckland for my PhD research, where I now work with some of the top athletes in New Zealand including multiple World Champions. Through these diverse experiences, I’ve learned EXACTLY what it takes to make a nutrition plan work FOR YOU and not against you — and I want to help you find that too.


  • Using a personalized nutrition plan to PR your next race
  • Feeling excited knowing there is a plan you can stick to, without feeling hungry all the time
  • Showing up to every workout and every race knowing exactly what, when, and how you should be fueling 
  • Having your friends ask you “what have you been doing?”, because they see you getting fitter, faster, and healthier

I’m here to help you reach your goals faster, more efficiently, more effectively, and more enjoyably. If you are ready to start finally achieving your goal of OWNING YOUR NUTRITION, I will do everything possible to help you make that happen.

How am I different?

  • Registered Dietitian with a PhD
  • 10+ years of practical and research experience
  • Diverse experiences to draw on – have helped people use nutrition to support their journeys starting or maintaining a general exercise program, complete their first triathlon, and win World Championships
  • Use data science to find unique insights, customize plans, and increase client success

What’s the first step?

Click here to schedule a free 15-min phone call, with no further obligations, to see if you’re getting the most out of your nutrition, and to see what you might have been missing! 

Jeff Rothschild is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science and a PhD in Exercise Physiology. He works with Olympians, world champions, and triathletes competing at Kona as well as people trying to complete their first triathlon, feel better, improve their energy levels, and learn how they should be eating to achieve their goals. Jeff’s PhD research looked at periodization of carbohydrate availability for endurance training with a focus on pre-training intake. He is also a Research Associate at the Sports Performance Research Institute, New Zealand (SPRINZ).