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  • bobby-podium

    “When you are looking for success at the highest level, attention to detail is absolutely critical.  Jeff’s meticulous and methodical approach to nutrition and how it factors into the bigger picture of training, recovery, travel and even normal life proved invaluable to me. I’m only sad I didn’t meet Jeff earlier.”

    Bobby Lea

    Cyclist - 3x Olympian, 4x Pan-American Champion, 30x National Champion
  • great mike bryan pic reuse

    “You’re an encyclopedia of knowledge,  it’s really fun to be working with you!”

    Mike Bryan

    Professional Tennis Player - 20x Grand Slam Winner and Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Matt Wikstrom

    “Competitive cyclists spend considerable time on training programs and bike components, yet they fail to spend any time or effort in the most important thing – their internal motor.  Jeff has helped me tremendously in my everyday nutrition, race day prep and in-competition fueling. His expertise has led me to my best year on the bike to date!”

    Matt Wikstrom

  • Jamesvalentine reusejpg

    “I really love working with Jeff. He’s helped me dial in my nutrition when I’m traveling, and showed me how to get over the jet lag much faster.”

    James Valentine

    Guitar player - Maroon 5
  • Nicki collage2

    “Jeff is fantastic to work with, he has helped me have my best year yet in triathlon with three podium finishes and qualifying for the Age-Group National Championships for the third year in a row. Jeff provides me with hydration and nutrition plans to keep me healthy, fit and properly fueled throughout the racing season…he’s simply the best and I’m grateful for his guidance!”

    Nicki Hines

  •   “If you’re looking to progress from just hanging on to competing for the win, one of the key things to work on is your nutrition strategy. I had no idea that I was getting it all wrong and that it was costing me. Jeff set me up with a custom fueling plan which transformed my results overnight. Without Jeff’s guidance I wouldn’t have been on the podium at the San Dimas Stage Race this year.”

    Alex Barnes

  • Stefan_Kozlov

    “Jeff has helped me understand what it takes to fuel my body through long matches and practices, as well as speeding up my recovery time!”

    Stefan Kozlov

    Professional Tennis Player
  • “As a professional beach volleyball player, I can count on Jeff to help me feel better daily and to provide insight that puts me miles ahead of my competition. The information he has shared with me has enabled me to surpass even more talented players. He will take you to the next level no matter what that looks like for you, I can’t say enough about how he’s changed my life!”

    Jessica McGuire

    Volleyball player
  • Challenge AC 2014“I’ve been competing at a high level in triathlon for over 15 years and can honestly say that working with Jeff has been a game-changer!  The depth of his knowledge – and application of that knowledge – is second to none.  He’s able to formulate and communicate a solid nutritional plan with as much detail and scientific data as you want.  His tips, ideas, and ability to simplify complex information has already proven invaluable in my short time working with him.  I feel tremendously confidant that my training and racing will continue to improve!”

    Ryan Humes

  • MelissaEthridgePressPhoto

    “Traveling around the world means that nutrition and making the right food choices can be a challenge; with the insight he’s given me, making smart choices that keep me feeling great and give me the energy to perform are easy! I am excited to continue working with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Jeff!”

    Melissa Etheridge

    Grammy and Academy Award winning singer/songwriter
  • Alex tennis ic

    “You are meticulous, and a magician with how you help an athlete’s body. More importantly, you know how to help each person differently according to what we need!”

    Alexios Halebian

    Professional Tennis Player
  • IMG_2099

     “Since seeing Jeff my diet has been, literally, revolutionized. I feel so much better on a daily basis and I have noticed an improvement in every function of my body. I recently completed my first Ironman, and with Jeff’s plan I never felt hungry, thirsty, or overly tired.
    I am now convinced that nutrition is as important as putting in the hours of training. I am so grateful to Jeff for being my guide.”

    Mike Murphy

    Lawyer, Ironman
  • “With Jeff’s help and expertise I’ve been able to get closer to my peak performance than ever before”

    Henrik “Froggen” Hansen

    Professional eSports athlete
  • “When I first met Jeff, I told him that my goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon at my next race. I have just accomplished this, thanks to him. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Jeff is genuinely interested in the success of his clients and enthusiastic about seeing them exceed their expectations.”

    Suzanne Barron

  • I truly credit Jeff’s fueling plan as one of the pillars to my Ironman success.  I was amazed with my consistent energy levels – both during long training days and on race day.  In addition to the fueling plan, his weekly meal plan gave me significant results and got me in the best shape of my life.  His design made it easy and convenient to follow, which made the follow through a breeze.  I couldn’t have completed my first Ironman without Jeff!

    Brian Koselke

  • arfmann

    “I trust Jeff with my all my nutritional needs and questions. After working with Jeff I feel like my body is recovering better, maintaining muscle, and I’m less hungry through the day. He dedicates himself to the pursuit of achieving my athletic goals through his comprehensive and personal approach.”

    Brian Arfmann

  • Janek

    “As a full time musician who likes to maintain the training schedule of a professional athlete, Jeff has been able to take this very unconventional lifestyle and dial in everything from jet lag to hydration giving me the nutritional edge I need to stay healthy both at home and on the road”

    Janek Gwizdala

    Professional Bass Player and Athlete
  • Charles 4

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff for six months and have seen vast improvements in my athletic performance as well as my recovery. Jeff pulls from a wide range of disciplines that allow him to tailor his recommendations to meet my personal goals. His knowledge of circadian rhythms helped me adjust to a major time zone change and win my last fight in Hong Kong . I look forward to continue working together.”

    Charles Stull

    Muay Thai Kickboxer
  • Tony Lasbeur

    “Big thanks to Jeff for giving me the tools I need to conquer my biggest boxing battle… Cutting weight!”

    Tony “Double Trouble” Lasbeur

    Professional Boxer
  • me and sandy

    “Coaching with Jeff has been a pleasure! Jeff is driven by passion, and he has taught our athletes what it takes to perform their best.”

    Sandy Kriezel

    Head Tennis Coach - CSULA Golden Eagles

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