Success requires a customized plan


How good can you really feel, and how fast can you really go? Without a specific nutrition plan it is very likely that you have yet to see your best self. Smart nutrition means fueling for healthy energy levels, supporting your training sessions, and knowing what to eat and drink on race day. 

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Hydration balance
  • Optimized training adaptations
  • Race day performance
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Strategic carbohydrate intake
  • Smart supplementation
  • Solve sugar cravings 
  • Body clock timing
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Sleep quality
  • Jet lag and travel recovery


Race Day Plans – Feel Better, Go Faster.


Take your nutrition up to the next level, with fueling plans tailored specifically for your athletic performance. Your individualized needs for fluid, carbohydrate, sodium, and protein intakes, exercise duration, and other intangibles are taken into account in order to maximize your performance and recovery. This plan will include detailed information as to when to eat and drink (mile by mile), as well as how to pack for the day and other tips in order to let you focus on performing rather than counting how many calories you’ve been taking in.

“I followed the plan religiously. No deviations. Followed the charts while out on the run and bike (affixed to my bike and running bottle).  I have no doubt this plan enabled me to cut almost an hour off my previous Ironman time. Every sport: swim, bike, and run, was faster. By a lot. Thank you!”

“Everything fell into place today. I peaked, and the nutrition plan fit into the performance like gears in a machine!”


Training and Eating Plan Integration


The optimal intake for performance is not always the optimal intake for maximizing your training sessions. This means that carbohydrate should be restricted before/during/after some workouts, while carbohydrate intake should emphasized for other meals and workouts. We can create a meal by meal, and workout by workout plan for how much carbohydrate should be consumed, which can be maintained throughout your season by sharing your training plan. I use Training Peaks to monitor your workouts and create a plan for the upcoming week.


Nutrition Consultations


Your initial nutrition consultation with Jeff can be done in person or via Skype, and lasts about 90 minutes. This allows time to talk about your current nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise habits, as well as your personal and family health history. Detailed body composition measurements will also be taken. Clear goals will be established, as well as a map of the most efficient ways to achieve them. You then work together to create positive changes that you can take with regards to your nutrition, which can fit within the context of your lifestyle.

“Jeff, you and TriFit have absolutely helped me to alter the course of my fitness and my health.”


It is recommended to have two follow-up visits within six weeks. The process works best when you take 1-2 weeks after a visit to enact the steps that were discussed, and then come back to make adjustments and ask questions that will continue to allow progress. Additional visits will be scheduled as needed.


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