Podcast Interviews and Media


Intermittent Fasting and Circadian Rhythms

N1 Fitness podcast episode 7 - Fasting 101

Revolutionary You Podcast episode 86 - A primer on Intermittent fasting

Sigma Nutrition episode 154 - Intermittent fasting, time-restricted feeding, and circadian biology

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 122 - Intermittent fasting and circadian rhythms

HumanOS Radio - The health impact of breakfast skipping and food timing

For the Female Athletes

Inspired Fit Strong episode 13 - Intermittent fasting, circadian rhythms, nutrition for female athletes

Eat to Perform Podcast - Nutrition and hydration for female athletes

Endurance Sports Performance

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 121 - Effects of female hormones on exercise

ESP Podcast episode 46 - Emerging concepts in sports nutrition

My DNA Coach Podcast episode 120 - Carbohydrate periodization for athletes

Sigma Nutrition episode 147 - Carbohydrate periodization for endurance athletes and how the menstrual cycle impacts training

Tennis Nutrition

Tennis Files Podcast episode 14 - Nutrition, supplements, and sleep for tennis players

Adam Blicher Show episode 17 - Nutrition and hydration for tennis players

Parenting Aces - Nutritional needs of junior tennis players

Parenting Aces - Sports supplements for tennis players

720 Podcast - Nutrition for tennis players

For Musicians

Janek Gwizdala Podcast - Nutrition for musicians


Team USA - Forward Thinking: Daily Carbohydrate Periodization for Triathletes

Team USA - I did IRONMAN to be a better dietitian (and here's what I found out)

Uproxx - How to burn off an In n Out meal

Men's Fitness - The 50 best and worst fall foods ranked