Elite Analysis

Cutting edge performance nutrition


The needs of an athlete trying to reach the pinnacle of sports performance are different than the average person. Striving for that extra 1-2% improvement requires a methodical approach with great attention to detail.

The first session includes exercise metabolic rate testing, detailed body composition testing, analysis of current nutritional and supplement intake, and a plan for how to move forward in the most effective way.

In addition to the nutrition program and metabolic testing, topics to discuss can include:

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• The importance of finding safe supplements that are tested to be free of banned substances

• How to know if your medications are allowed in and/or out of competition

Jet lag adjustment by developing an individualized and detailed plan for before, during, and after your flight in order to get back to your best sooner

• How to adjust your food intake and hydration when training or competing at high altitudes and/or extreme temperatures

Daily communication via phone or email while new supplements and/or fueling plans are being implemented if you are training or competing out of town

Nutrition sessions can be performed during off-season training blocks as well as while traveling during a competitive season. This means plans can be adjusted in preparation for specific events, time zone changes, and weather conditions, as well as allowing you to maximize your off-season training sessions and learn what methods and products work best for you.



Elite Analysis initial office visit – $400 (3 hrs) – includes exercise metabolic rate (EMR) test, body composition analysis, detailed nutrition analysis and plan.

Elite Analysis initial Skype visit – $225 (90 mins) – includes detailed nutrition analysis and plan.

Elite Maintenance Program – $150 per month – daily email access for nutrition-related questions, training and fueling plan integration, and personalized travel/jet-lag protocols.

*Email for more info and to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.


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